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Yearly Check-up

I'm still alive :) I still know where my LJ is. Here's a picture of irises:

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I think there is the very real possibility that people will come back here more often. The signal/noise ratio at FB seems to have eclipsed even itself a mere year ago. Keep the home fires burning :)

Mar. 26th, 2013

Extant. Hello, Livejournal Friends.

OVFF 2012 Review

Friday: Opening registration at a convention on Friday is MADNESS!!! Everyone wants in! Reg just wants to get set-up! Both groups just want the whole process to be over with! O.M.G! That said, I love my Reg friends, and I loved working Reg, even if we did have a collective inability to remember anyone's last name. Even if I didn't really know what I was doing, and therefore the badge holder count is wrong, and I kept asking our GoH's if they wanted to pay for their memberships (I'm sorry GoHs, I do know you get in for free....my junior reg staff persona will get the update eventually.) It was madness, and it was fun.

Pegasus Concert: I love the Pegasus concert. This year expecially, since I've been away fromt he community for so long, that I didn't really know who all and which songs had been nominated. Lovely to hear the music. I really wanted Paper Worlds, and Play it With Moxie, and Secrets to win, but since my bestest friends won instead, well, really can't complain :)

Saturday Breakfast: Had the great good fortune to break fast with Ju, Katy, Steve, and Shawna. First, a Thousand Thank You's (Thank Ju's) to Ju, who shared her room with me and shared her breakfast tickets with me, and made my convention experience so much lovlier and low-stress and wonderful out of the goodness of her own heart. Danke, Freund, mit all meiner Liebe. Also, the omlets were tasty, and the company overall are also not so much morning people and didn't laugh too much at my inability to use a fork at that hour of the morning.

Saturday day:I ran errands, covered Reg, heard good music, nibbled at the consuite, chatted with friends, introduced myself to strangers. It was a good time :) And then I went for a swim. I love the swim. So. Much. Water. I could swim every day. Swim swim swim.

Saturday Evening: Dinner with friends. Watched the Pegasus Awards from the hallway. Sang 3 songs a capella on a moments notice (major thank you's to Bob Kanefsky for pointing out to my oblivious self that all the lyrics I wanted were online. God bless Google.) And then much listening and chatting and roaming were had. Spent some time in a hallway catching up with Jason and Persis, and eventually getting a hall concert from Glen Raphael, which quickly morphed into a hall filk with Debbie Gates, and several others whose faces are too fuzzy in my memory to recall at this time.

Sunday: Went to bed too late, got up too early. Made a mad dash to make sure Reg opened on time while getting Mark and Roberta's stuff out of their room on time (again, a thounds thanks to Ju for the use of her room, which meant I didn't have to make a mad dash to get out by 11a checkout) Reg opened on time, I had some breakfast, worked some Reg, heard some concerts, and eventually helped pack up the sound gear. Had a brief visit from Mark F. Got more practice in over/under cable coiling. I'm not an expert yet, but it's coming along. I first learned this out in Boston and I was rubbish at it, but Spencer showed me again how to do it, and I think it might have stuck this time.

Sunday evening: Skipped the sound guy dinner run in favor of a quick meal from McDonalds, then picked up Mom from the east side of town and brought her back with me to the Dead Dog. It was so wonderful for me for Mom to get to see what this community I've been in for 19 years is like, for her to hear all the wonderful music we make, for her to see all the authors scattered around the room. She seemed to really enjoy herself. And she got to meet several of my friends whom she otherwise would never have met. The OVFF fairy even gifted her with a wooden flute! We went home at nerely 2am, exhausted and very happy.

Thoughts For Future Years:
1) Have or Be the someone who skips sound strike in favor of driving to Windchimes and bring back Chinese food for everyone, including obtaining a room to set it all up in, and inviting the Sound Crew to meet me there at 6p, so that they can EAT in a timely fashion on Sunday after strike, without having to travel 30 mins, hungry, exhausted, and wiped out, just to eat, and so that they, too, can enjoy a nice, leisurly Dead Dog.

2) Convince the ConCom to start calling the Thursday evening gathering the Frisky Puppy Filk. Ever so much more endearing than it's current name. Who's with me? Frisky Puppy Filk! Frisky Puppy Filk! Frisky Puppy Filk!

3) Convince the con attendees to refer to the Monday and subsequent "in case of inclement weather" gatherings as the Zombie Dog Filks, simpley because the name amuses me :) I picture musical zombie hot dogs, laying in their buns filking away.


One Blessed Day

April 29th, 2012. On this day, my mother turned 70. She woke up at her usual time and began her usual morning routine. It was comforting to hear her go about her morning. I love listening to her yell at the cat, "Aht Aht! Get off of that. No. Get down. CallieAnne!" I offered to go bring home donuts for breakfast.

Mom stayed home while I used the veil of "getting donuts" to pick up her favorite, chocolate cake with chocolate icing and a 1/2 gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream, for us to have later in the day. I picked up a card. Having taken longer than expected, and knowing how much sugar I was already bringing home, I phoned home and asked Mom if she would rather I brought home lunch instead, as it was going on Noon.

The man at the drive thru was confused until I said, "Excuse me while I confer with my passenger", and returned to confirming Mom's order from Wendy's by talking to her via speakerphone on my cell. "Just a salad. With no meat! Unless it's breaded chicken. Not that grilled stuff." "And a root beer." I was very amused having mom along as such a "passenger" for the food run.

Back home, we sat down together and had lunch and talked about household matters and how she wanted to spend the rest of her day. We agreed as planned to visit the park later in the day and to have dinner later that night at BobEvans. CallieAnne and her sister CocoPuffs came out to join us for lunch, and despite their owner's wishes, Mom and I got up to our usual mischevious selves and proceeded to feed the cats people food by giving them all the grilled chicken and feta cheese off of my salad. Callie would just be Callie and Coco would just be Coco, except that Mom has always given her cats a middle name and called them by both.

After lunch, we retired to the living room, where Mom caught up on all the birthday wishes on her Facebook page and played her usual round of morning online games. I drove the tv remote until we settled on watching cheerleading competitions and antiques roadshow, shows that mom enjoys. It reminded me of being a young child sitting on the couch next to her while she knitted and we watched tv.

The afternooned passed, and unfortunately some chores needed tending, so I left Mom to acquire the new lawn mower and returned home to mow the lawn. As birthday presents go, I've given her better. This one comes with the peace of mind that only knowing we can once again maintain the lawn could bring her. After 40 years of me, I figured she could use a little peace of mind :)

One cool drink and some time later, Mom was feeling ready to go to the park and the day was growing short. I reassembled the seating and helped mom out to the car, pausing her just long enough to ensure she saw that her lilies, which had unfortunately been mown down 2 summers before, had returned and had bloomed for the first time since.

The local park has long been a favorite of Moms. We picnicked there on rare occasions when I was a child. Mom and her friend Gerry took long walks there in the summer. When my nephews were small, my sister and Mom and the boys and I once spent a day there. Two years ago, mom and I would regularly walk the trails there. Her favorite spot is still the area at the very back by the nature center.

Today we sat on a bench and Mom told me the highlights of her life. From the house she was born in, how my great-grandfather would give her morning bottle, through growing up with her sister and later her brother, to meeting and marrying my father, and into the years I could remember on my own. We talked of her hobbies, her choices, her work, her passion. I love listening to her "scandelous" choices and comparing them to some that I have made.

And when the skies turned dark and the breeze turned cool, we picked my nephew up and went to dinner. The three of us enjoyed a fine meal while her grandson (that same nephew of mine) spoke of his culinary schoolwork and his hopes for the upcoming semester that would begin in the morning. Mom has always enjoys going out to eat, especially at familiar restaurants with dependable selections of her favorites. The pot pie she ordered looked especially tasty.

With fully tummys, we headed home for a few hours of watching Mom's current favorite TV programs. This evening this season, we watched Desperate Housewives, GCB, and Army Wives. Meanwhile, online, mom and I continued our latest habit of taking turns playing Lexulous on Facebook. She keeps letting me win, like when I was a kid, but I don't mind.

Going on midnight, and mom's usual bedtime snack, we finally broke out the card, and the royal crown chocolate torte cake with layers of moist chocolate cake, and layers of chocolate ganache, and the Breyer's mint chocolate chip ice cream. Mom was stills tuff from lunch and dinner, but she had a sliver of cake and a spoonful of ice cream, nonetheless.

And then she headed off to bed. I'd be sleeping now as well, but I want to remember this day together, and comemorate how much I love my mother, just exactly as she is. At this age and at every other.


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